Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What I would do with $555 Billion....

…I would spend the money again to prove this same point. Democrats in Washington have once again run up the white flag in regards to their stance on Iraq and Afghanistan. The party that was elected to “end this war” has failed you again my liberal counter-parts. Attributed largely to the dose of good news coming from the media that Maj. Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is still having a hard time digesting.

It just doesn’t make sense to liberals that America is actually winning the war on terrorism. Tuesday, Democrats gave up on attaching a timetable for withdrawal to the massive spending bill that will pay the tab through next year. The bill allocates $70 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with no strings attached. That is how it should always be.

Sen. Russell D. Feingold (D-Wis.), backed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) attempted to hoist the white flag for all Americans by proposing all troops return home within nine months. In a brilliant display of common sense however, the bill could only muster 24 votes.

Harry Reid said in April: “I believe myself that the secretary of state, secretary of defense and — you have to make your own decisions as to what the president knows — (know) this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq.”

On Jan. 5, Dick Durbin said: “The proposed surge in troops ‘is a sad, ominous echo of something we’ve lived through in this country.”

On Jan. 24, Barack Obama said: “What was striking to me in listening to all the testimony that was provided, was the almost near unanimity that the president’s strategy will not work.”

Also on Jan. 24, John Kerry said: “I tell you what: I’m confident it will not work.” (Kerry’s confidence is in part due to his most recent Botox injection—which has him looking fabulous!)

Now it’s time for that five-letter word that most democrats can’t stand, truth. A poll conducted by Opinion Research Business, concluded that by a majority of two to one, Iraqis believe military operations now under way will disarm all militias. More than half say security will improve after a withdrawal of international fighting forces. I don’t believe that any of us have a better perspective than the Iraqi people on this issue. The same poll found that only 27% of Iraqis believe they are entrenched in a civil war. That number stands in sharp contrast with 100% of whimp-o-crats who believe that the war is lost.

In light of recent developments, and a steady diet of common sense, the Democrats finally cave in on their hollow election platform. We all want to see the troops come home. I want to see them home as soon as we can make a stable withdrawal. Democrats want to see them home whenever it will be politically best for them. If Reid truly believed the war was lost and stood by his promises to end this “disastrous” war, then he would have stood his ground on this spending bill. He made a promise that this whole country knew he could not keep. Don’t be surprised if I am the only one to scream about this though. God knows the liberal media will never hold him accountable.

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