Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Greetings,

Greetings to Everyone,

My name is Kyle. I am a student of Political Science who currently attends Northwest Missouri State University. I am 21 years of age, and my hometown is Raymore, MO.

I am a non-denominational Christian, but If I had to choose one, I'd say I lean more Baptist I do suppose. Overall, I believe the teachings of the Bible, and most importantly, what Jesus said about Loving your neighbor as yourself. I think a shocking number of Christians overlook the major elements of God's word. I won't preach at you, but I am a man of my convictions, and I will base some of my positions off what God's word says, and you will have to deal with that.

Up until 9/11- I wanted to be a sniper. That is what I wanted to do for a living (funny, I know). After taking a look into what happened and the causes of 9/11 I was encapsulated in the politics of this nation. I see so many things that frustrate me, and the best way to change things is to be the agent for change. I won't really touch into the whole 9/11 conspiracy theory- so if it is brought up- I will probably push it aside, as it has the ability to completely take away from all other issues. I will say I do not believe it was a government staged operation, and we can leave it at that.

In the 04 Election- I did vote for GWB. I still stand behind that vote- though I do stand behind him less.

On a scale of 1-10 as far as how conservative I am, with 1 being Rudy Giuliani, and 10 being Neo-con. I would say I am a 5 or 6. That doesn't mean that's how you will see it though. I am more of a social conservative than anything else. I believe in the ideals of "conservatism"- don't spend what you don't have- balance the budget..etc. It seems most Republicans now-a-days have lost touch with that concept though, as most politicians have in general. I will just give you a brief run-down on some of my positions on issues:

I am only going to discuss a few issues, but feel free to bring up issues that you care about.

I am against same-sex marriage, but I would allow civil unions that entitle them to their "partners" inheretance, and health information..etc"

Marriage is sacred in my mind, between a man and a woman. Yes, this is a decision largely based on moral grounds. There is nothing wrong with that either, because politics really is all about making "moral choices" and the best decisions for the country. I can also support my decision scientifically, Tab A goes in Slot B. Man+Man= nothing. Man+Woman= potential for child, if not aborted.

I am pro-life in all instances except for where it endangers the mothers life. Even in instances of rape, as painful as it may be, I believe it is inconsistent for us to say its okay to kill that Child, when that child did nothing wrong. Adoption is always a good option here if the pain of raising a kid that belongs to someone who raped you is to much.

Opposed to it on embryonic.
For it on adult stem cell.

No currently approved treatments have been obtained using embryonic stem cells. There are no human trials—despite all the hype and all the media. After 20 years of research, embryonic stem cells haven't been used to treat people because the cells are unproven and unsafe. They tend to produce tumors, cause transplant rejection, and form the wrong kinds of cells.

Private investors aren’t funding embryonic stem cell research. They are funding adult stem cell research, which is an ethical alternative. Some of the most startling advancements using adult stem cells have come in treating Parkinson’s disease, juvenile diabetes, and spinal cord injuries.

-persay the heritage foundation.

Why spend more on something that has brought us nothing yet?


I am for it, but not the current way. It is incredibly expensive. I prefer firing squad. Death is Death. If you ask me how I can be for the DP but against Abortion. I will respond with TWO points.

A) If you throw this out there, you conceed that fetuses are people too, and lose the moral high ground.

B) It has always been the duty of our country to protect others from threats to society. Our justice system is MORE than fair. They have 13 years of appeals for crying out loud.


I say we get out. It's ineffective as it is. It is US taxpayer funded, and Anti-US. That alone is reason enough for me. Have they had success in ANYTHING they have done? Besides Somalia, and abandoning US troops to their death? Yeah, good work UN. (And Billy)


I believe it is the right of every citizen in this country to be armed to a freakin T. If you don't think this is right, please go google search "Australia Gun Study" and see how many more women were raped/murdered/molested after they took the guns out of society. Not so safe is it?

I tend to be pretty sarcastic, so that is your warning in advance. If you are curious about my beliefs on a certain issue, just comment, and I will update it accordingly, just for you! Post away please!

Also: All posts attacking a person over an idea, will most likely be deleted. I want to keep this pretty clean and easy going. Also- keep cursing to a minimum please.

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