Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health care...and how it will affect my dear class of 2005.

I am sick of seeing this moaning and groaning about WHO ranking and the US....

Stats for the US rank in the world is from 2000. One could argue a lot has improved over 10 years. But I will make a better argument.

I encourage EVERYONE to read that short publication from the CATO thinktank. It goes into great depth about how the WHO system of ranking is flawed. A few flaws of the system are the index by which they calculate rank, the OA and OP differences (very interesting), and also the fact that 25% of the index is calculated on a basis of "Health Distribution". the WHO is set up to punish free market health care systems.

If everyone will simply go look at page 14 (http://democrats.senate.go
assed.pdf)! This will give you a summary of the "REVENUE PROVISIONS"..... I will list a few of these awesome changes, brought to you by Dems and Obama.

Sec. 9001. Excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage.
Sec. 9002. Inclusion of cost of employer-sponsored health coverage on W–2.
Sec. 9003. Distributions for medicine qualified only if for prescribed drug or insulin.
Sec. 9004. Increase in additional tax on distributions from HSAs and Archer
MSAs not used for qualified medical expenses.
Sec. 9005. Limitation on health flexible spending arrangements under cafeteria
Sec. 9006. Expansion of information reporting requirements.
Sec. 9007. Additional requirements for charitable hospitals.
Sec. 9008. Imposition of annual fee on branded prescription pharmaceutical
manufacturers and importers.
Sec. 9009. Imposition of annual fee on medical device manufacturers and importers.
Sec. 9010. Imposition of annual fee on health insurance providers.
Sec. 9011. Study and report of effect on veterans health care.
Sec. 9012. Elimination of deduction for expenses allocable to Medicare Part D
Sec. 9013. Modification of itemized deduction for medical expenses.
Sec. 9014. Limitation on excessive remuneration paid by certain health insurance
Sec. 9015. Additional hospital insurance tax on high-income taxpayers.
Sec. 9016. Modification of section 833 treatment of certain health organizations.
Sec. 9017. Excise tax on elective cosmetic medical procedures.

Also, to be implemented, a higher tax on "indoor tanning" sorry ladies, luxuries have a price... (how about that change?) ... and no matter how you cut this cake, the ultimate burden lies upon my generation. I want to help those who want to help themselves, but the problem is, we have too many freeloaders. Once this sinks in, it will become an entitlement...not a policy...and we may never undo it. Please, let this be the direction our founding fathers intended....

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